MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen


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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
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Our spiral hoses - The standard range

Choose a hose from our wide standard range or ask for a custom-made one. We have the right hose for almost any application. And what does not fit, will be made to fit.

For us, variety is the standard: Our spiral hoses

Our standard spiral hoses offer precisely tailored answers to the specific requirements of different user groups. Through the targeted selection of material and design, we make targeted use of the diverse technical and material possibilities to give our standard hoses specific strengths. Each hose is designed for specific requirements and operating conditions. The mechanical and physical property profile is specifically matched from hose to hose.

Discover for yourself how versatile and flexible our standard is. Take the opportunity to view our standard products from different angles. You can view our hoses in different composition and sorting, e.g. all products per

  • Product group ("old register")
  • Application
  • Type ("construction")
  • Material
Product image: Spiral hoses

Our standard hoses

The product groups of our standard hoses

Masterflex traditionally classifies its spiral hoses according to product groups, which often indicate the prioritized properties of the spiral hoses through the name. There are a number of important characteristic values on the basis of which you decide which hose is the right one.

Product image: Master-PUR Performance - abrasion-resistant suction hose

Abrasion-resistant suction hoses and transport hoses made of PU / Flame-retardant hoses

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Sample product image of a Masterflex PVC suction hose

PVC/EVA suction and delivery hoses


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Product image: microbe-resistant spiral hose from Masterflex

Microbe resistant and hydrolysis resistant suction hoses and conveying hoses

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Product image: Food hoses and connecting elements

Food hoses and pharmaceutical hoses


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Product image: Antistatic spiral hose from Masterflex

Permanent antistatic hoses and dissipative hoses

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Product image: Air-conditioning hoses

Air conditioning hoses, ventilation hoses and welding smoke hoses

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Product image: Masterflex spiral hose for exhaust extraction

Exhaust hoses


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Product image: Temperature-resistant spiral hose

Temperature resistant hoses up to +1,100 °C

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Product image: Chemical resistant spiral hose

Chemical resistant hoses

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Example picture of a standard hose special construction

Individual special constructions

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Product image: Multiple hose for pneumatic applications

Pneumatic hoses

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Product image: Variation of spiral hoses

Hose finder

The Masterflex product finder helps you to find your desired product, the suitable hose or connecting element.

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The right connector

What is a hose without the right connector? Nothing! We have the right connector. Guaranteed!

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In almost all industries

Our hoses safeguard essential functions in machines and systems. Learn more about the areas of application for our hoses.

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