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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

Pneumatic hoses

Pneumatic hoses are used in very different pneumatic applications

In this field of application, we offer high-quality pneumatic hoses for diverse segments, whose properties and plastics can vary depending on the application. For example, pneumatics control the manufacturing and packaging machines in the food industry, some of which are fully automated. Depending on the raw material, all products offer excellent properties that ensure an optimal production process. Depending on the application and the expected requirement profile, we offer you the right hose. From rolled goods to molded hoses and complete hose assemblies, we always have the right solution for your application.

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The materials of our pneumatic hoses

General information on materials for penumatic hoses

Our pneumatic hoses are made of PUR, PA or PE. Depending on the material, this results in a wide variety of properties and thus also diverse areas of application. By adding various additives, it is possible for us to add new properties or to strengthen properties already present in the raw material.

Due to the material combination, our pneumatic hoses made of 98A achieve extremely good low-temperature flexibility, are UV-resistant and exhibit good damping behavior. Our pneumatic hoses made of PA 12w, on the other hand, achieve good pressure resistance, are impact resistant and have good temperature resistance. In pneumatic hoses, the material PE LD ensures above all a low permeation rate for water, water vapor and gases.

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Special materials of pneumatic hoses for Food & Pharma

For the more restrictive industries such as food and pharmaceuticals, we offer special materials. So not only additives can be an important aspect. For the food and pharmaceutical industries, we offer food grade pneumatic hoses in which the raw materials used, such as PA, PE or even TPE, are fully FDA compliant.

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Design and manufacturing process of pneumatic hoses

All Novoplast Schlauchtechnik hoses are manufactured by extrusion process. The construction is called a fully extruded plastic hose. This type of construction includes the classic hose geometry in terms of inner and outer diameters. The hoses differ in the desired wall thicknesses. In addition, hoses can also be welded at our production site in Halberstadt. In this case, up to four lines are combined in one hose.

Our pneumatic hoses are also produced according to GMP on request.

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