MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen


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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
Close-up of various Masterflex spiral hoses

Hoses are our passions

Whether standard assortment or individual production, we have the right hose for almost every application for your industry!

Standard hoses  Development solutions

When flexibility is required, hoses are used

Hoses have a wide range of uses and applications in industry. The requirement to convey or extract solid, liquid or gaseous substances arises for many companies in the industrial environment. Hoses as flexible constructive transport connections are therefore used to convey a wide variety of media.


Not all hoses are created equal

For an industrial hose to do its job safely and reliably, it has to meet clearly defined parameters depending on the application or field of use. The material must also be suitable for the application.

Diameter, bending radii, pressure load, temperature resistance, standards, conformity requirements - these are just some of the factors that go into selecting the right hose. 

Our answer to each of these specific requirements is custom-fit hose designs and connection solutions. 

In addition to our standard range of high-quality hoses and connecting elements such as clamps, metal connectors or screwable plastic connectors, we also offer special hoses tailored to your individual needs or requirements, as well as customized development solutions.

Product image: Variation of spiral hoses

Hose finder

The Masterflex product finder helps you to find your desired product, the suitable hose or connecting element.

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Example image of the inner wall of a spiral hose

Our highlights around the hose

Our hoses are as diverse as there are areas of application, special requirements or individual wishes.

Learn more about our product innovations and our current promotions.

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Learn more about our hoses

Learn more about our product and system solutions made of polyurethane, other specialty plastics and technically sophisticated fabrics here. See for yourself that our products are ideally suited for conveying and extracting very different media and learn about the specific strengths of individual products.

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Standard hoses

Standard for us means variety. Learn more about our diverse hoses and connection solutions for a wide variety of uses, applications and media in almost all industries.

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Product image: Special hose

Custom Hoses 

If the standard does not fit, then we can customize (almost) any hose according to specific requirements or individual wishes. By the way, this also applies to our hose systems.

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Development solutions

We develop highly individualized, efficient, innovative and economical hose and connection solutions. All services on the way from the idea to the finished product come from a single source.

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Hose characteristics: How do I choose the right hose?

Hose characteristics are data data that describe the most important properties and feature of hoses. This information helps to select the right hose for a specific application and ensures that the hose meets the necessary requirements. Using the following hose characteristics, you can easily check for yourself which hose best suits your requirements.


The bend radius is an important hose parameter because it indicates how much the hose can be bent without kinking or breaking. If the hose is bent too much, it can cause damage to the hose and affect the function of the hose, so it is important to select the correct bend radius for the hose based on the application and specific requirements.

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Wall thickness measurement PU spiral hose

Weight can be an important hose parameter that should be considered when selecting the right hose for an application. However, it is important to consider weight in relation to other important hose parameters such as operating pressure, bend radius and temperature range. Finally, hose weight can have an impact on cost, especially when large quantities of hose are purchased.

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Operating pressure is an important hose parameter because it ensures that the hose will perform safely and effectively under the intended operating conditions. A hose used at a higher pressure than recommended may crack, rupture or burst, resulting in injury, equipment damage or environmental contamination. Conversely, a hose used at a lower pressure than recommended may not perform to its full capacity or may be unsuitable for the application.

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Temperature is an important hose parameter because it indicates the temperature range in which the hose can be safely used without being damaged. If a hose is used at temperatures that are too high or too low, this can lead to deformation, cracks or ruptures and impair the function of the hose. Therefore, it is important to select the correct hose for the application and intended temperature range.

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production picture:: Flame resistance testing of spiral hose
Campaign image: Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance

Absolute customer favorites!

They are the absolute customer favorites among the transport hoses: The Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Perfomance suction and transport hoses. They were developed for transporting extremely abrasive media and other problematic goods. They are manufactured without internal welds and corrugated valleys and are robust, efficient and economical.

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In almost all industries

Our hoses safeguard essential functions in machines and systems. Learn more about the areas of application for our hoses.

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The right connector

What is a hose without the right connector? Nothing! We have the right connector. Guaranteed!

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Technical information

Here you will find declarations of conformity, a chemical resistance list, and many other important standards and regulations.

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