MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen


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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
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Smart Factory

Discover the future of smart manufacturing with Masterflex. Learn how our innovative hoses and solutions can be used in the Smart Factory of tomorrow. Get to know the world of AMPIUS® that optimizes your production process and enables efficiency gains.

The future of hose technology

Digital production machines and peripherals, AI concepts and Big Data are topics that move our time. Masterflex is also dedicated to these topics and not only in our digitalized production. We were the first supplier to launch the AMPIUS® digital hose systems and to develop a hose management system. Immerse yourself in the world of our Smart Factory and learn how the innovative AMPIUS® can revolutionize your production processes. Learn more about our digital hose technology, its intelligent networking and its ability to capture real-time data to increase your efficiency.

AMPIUS® - our digital hose systems

The Masterflex Group is the first hose manufacturer ever to launch a complete operator system, consisting of hose, sensor technology, engineering and data processing: Under the name AMPIUS® , the Masterflex Group offers hose systems with integrated life cycle tracking functions as well as a matching app.

The AMPIUS® app can be used to automatically read out the product signature of the hose system, which in a basic variant is equipped with a digital interface as standard. In this way, technical data or "life cycle data" such as the production or shipping date can be queried or requirements inquiries can be made at the push of a button.

Digitization opens up completely new possibilities in terms of product design and optimization. In the future, it will also be possible to call up information on wear, abrasion, temperature, flow rate and many other parameters for suitably equipped products.

The possibilities for digitization are not limited to specific hose series or specific areas of application. In principle, networkable and smart variants and options can be implemented for the entire Masterflex hose range and adapted to the specific requirements of Industry 4.0.

Masterflex Executive Board at the demonstration of the AMPIUS App

Digital hoses and digital hose systems

Our digital hose systems and solutions have aroused your interest? Find out more about AMPIUS® and learn about your options.

More about AMPIUS

Smart Factory: digital production, predictive maintenance and AMPIUS®

The digital production of hoses

We invested in Industry 4.0-capable production facilities at an early stage. With noticeably expanded data collection and new networking, we were able to significantly increase the transparency of our production processes. Thanks to permanent and seamless monitoring of production, we are able to improve overall quality in the manufacturing process as well as automation and flexibility.

Several years ago, for example, we began working with a suitably qualified mechanical engineering partner to develop the world's first fully networked production plant for profile-extruded high-tech polyurethane hoses (spiral hoses).

A fully digitized production plant like the one we have will not exist again in this form. The prerequisite for this is complete digitization of all sensors and actuators (drive elements) as well as their networking. This is the first time that such a complex extrusion line has been implemented in this way.

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At Masterflex, we focus primarily on the further development of networking and automation in the area of production, with digital transformation playing a decisive role.

Robin Huth, plant manager at Masterflex
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Together into the future

You want to shape the future together with us? Contact us! Our engineers will be happy to advise you!


Cost-efficient maintenance is not a matter of luck

Avoid unplanned production downtime. Find out about our concept from the world of hoses for predictive maintenance.

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The AMPIUS® hose management system

More information about our hose management system and data acquisition with AMPIUS® can be found here!

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Our AMPIUS® app - use your data

You are already using AMPIUS® tubing system. Are you recording their data correctly? Do you use the app? Click here to log in.

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The advantages of intelligent hoses are manifold. Let's stay with the example of "wear monitoring": The hose signals when the wear reaches a critical range. Consequential damage or even a complete production standstill can be prevented.

Stefan Nüßen, Technology and Development at Masterflex SE
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Development solutions

We develop highly individualized, efficient, innovative and economical hose and connection solutions. All services on the way from the idea to the finished product come from a single source.

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The whole world of hoses

We have the right hose for every application. Learn more about our range of standard hoses.

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In almost all industries

Our hoses safeguard essential functions in machines and systems. Learn more about the areas of application for our hoses.

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