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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

Exhaust gas extraction with hoses from Masterflex

Exhaust hoses

The unbeatable Masterflex spiral hoses conduct gaseous media completely safely in a temperature range up to about 1.100 °C. As a responsible person, you know that even below this maximum hot gas temperature, things can get very hot during exhaust gas extration. For example, when engines are being serviced or tested. By processing heat-resistant fabric types, our clip hoses are ideally suited for use in the high-temperature range.

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MaterialsConstruction & Manufacturing

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Masterflex: Clip hoses for exhaust extraction

Construction of our exhaust hoses

Masterflex: Clip hose
Product image: Master-Clip HT 300

For the production of exhaust hoses, we mainly use fabric strips and a so-called clamping profile ("clip"). The clamping profile is supplied as a steel strip and is converted into a profile by us using special forming tools. The fabric strips are inserted into this clamping profile while the clipping machine moves the profile in a helical motion and simultaneously presses the clamping profile shut. With this special clamping process (or "clipping process"), the hose profile is connected to the outer metal spiral mechanically and at the same time with extreme tensile strength. Depending on the load, the hoses can also be manufactured in multiple layers. With their outer spiral, clamping profile hoses also have a "built-in" protective profile.

Dynamic stress due to vibration

Clip hoses are most often used where mobile operating equipment is connected or at least one connection side is mobile. Our clip hose design undoubtedly guarantees a very high mechanical load capacity, because in the classic areas of application for our clip hoses, it is mostly vibration and oscillation movements (e.g. during the operation of motors) that require appropriate mechanical strength.

Vacuum operation / vacuum proof

To ensure that our double-walled clip hoses retain their shape during vacuum operation and under increased dynamic stress, we equip individual hose types with special design features. For example, woven-in reinforcing components in the Master-Clip HT 400, Master-Clip HT 450 and Master-Clip HT 650 provide increased vacuum resistance. With our exhaust hoses, you are definitely well equipped.


Materials for suction and exhaust hoses

For the production of clip hoses for suction or exhaust hoses, we use reliable types of woven fabrics and glass fabrics that differ from each other in their properties. Depending on the substances, gases or liquids to be transported, the required temperature ranges or the mechanical loads to be expected, we have a wide range of high-quality technical fabrics at our disposal. These can be knitted fabrics made of glass, polyamide, polyester and aramid fibers such as Nomex® or Kevlar® as well as ceramic material. Special rubbers such as Neoprene®, CSM and special elastomers such as Viton®, Nitril® or butyl are used for the coating. Many types of fabric are especially heat resistant, provide high fire resistance and thus enable use in high-temperature applications.

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Masterflex: High-tech fabric for clip hoses

Glass fabric as materials for exhaust hoses

Due to the very high melting temperature of the base material, the so-called E-glass, can be optimally used for hose systems with higher application temperatures.

Masterflex: Glass fabric for clip hoses

We produce silicone-free!

The material silicone is characterized by high water and heat resistance. However, silicone-containing substances can severely impair paint compatibility. In automotive engineering, for example, even the slightest contamination can lead to severe surface disturbances during painting, which is why silicone-free production of hoses is often essential.

The property "silicone-free", can be found in the following tabs:

Standards Exhaust hose

Testing of the fire behavior of materials and components is carried out in Germany according to DIN 4102-1 and in Europe according to EN 13501-1. Different fire resistance classes or fire protection classes are distinguished according to their fire behavior. As a result of a design test, hoses can also receive a corresponding approval as soon as they are classified as flame-retardant and/or fall below certain fire velocities.

In this product group, the Master-Clip HT 450 has been tested according to DIN EN 13501-1 and classified as flame-retardant. For more information on operation and safety as well as usage information on our exhaust hoses, please contact our expert sales department.

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We promote sustainable technologies

Our hoses play an important role in the cooling and heating of wind turbines (onshore and offshore). Here, we make a sustainable contribution to the energy transition and climate neutrality.

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Maintainers beware!

Avoid delivery bottlenecks or even machine downtime! We offer plant operators and maintenance personnel our Worry-Free Service offering, which allows you to plan with confidence and avoid production downtime, guaranteed.

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In-house development solutions

As part of our engineering services, we offer customized products - or work with you to develop highly individualized, innovative, and economical hose and connection solutions.

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