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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

Our highlights around the hose

Not all hoses are the same - here we present our product highlights: Our hoses are as diverse as there are areas of application, special requirements or individual wishes. Most of them fulfill essential functions, make life easier or safer.

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Robust hoses, individual solutions: High-performance hoses for robotics and automation applications

The high-performance hoses developed by the Masterflex Group specifically for robotics and automation applications meet the requirements of even the most extreme environments.

In addition to our many years of expertise in the standard hose range, we also offer our customers unique and customized hose solutions, especially in the field of robotics and automation. In our Engineering Services Workflow, Masterflex Group sales, engineers and technicians work closely together to develop customized high-performance hoses that are perfectly tailored to your requirements. This ensures that you get the best possible performance from your robotics applications.

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Hoses with highly innovative TPA lining.

It is made of one piece ("cast") and therefore absolutely smooth! Our new hose with innovative TPA lining has optimum flow properties, is energy-saving and easy to clean.

The hose can be combined in many ways on the material side. This makes it further modifiable - for example, in terms of its abrasion and chemical resistance. In addition, the inner lining can be realized with different Shore hardnesses, so that the flexibility of the hose can be individually adapted to the requirements. Unlike inline and performance hoses, the color of the inner and outer walls can be changed individually.

Additives such as antistatics or UV stabilizers can also be added or the sliding properties can be adjusted.

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Close-up of the thermoplastic lining of a Masterflex hose
Product image: Coating connection element for spiral hoses

Absolutely safe - compliant food hoses from Masterflex

Masterflex has compliant food hoses for a wide range of applications, and we are always expanding our portfolio, even for niche applications. Whether it's a standard hose or a custom solution, we are always willing to offer suitable food hoses and connectors so that the food we produce every day can be consumed safely. People consume food on very different occasions. Whether we are eating breakfast, snacking or consuming a fresh coffee from the trusted fully automatic machine, safety during the consumption of food products is paramount. Various media are routed and transported through compliant food hoses in the production process.

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Hoses for autumnal operations

When the leaves start to fall in the fall, municipal waste disposal companies work plenty of overtime. The removal of leaves is not only for visual reasons: Damp leaves form a slippery layer, can clog drains or block sewage pipes.

Municipal large and small sweepers are used for disposal and solve such problems. These machines are usually equipped with hoses, many of them from the Masterflex portfolio! The requirements for the hoses used here are primarily flexibility, microbe/hydrolysis resistance and abrasion resistance.

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Application picture: Close-up Masterflex spiral hose on a leaf vacuum cleaner
Campaign image: Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance

Absolute customer favorites!

They are the absolute customer favorites among the transport hoses: The Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Perfomance suction and transport hoses. They were developed for transporting extremely abrasive media and other problematic goods. They are manufactured without internal welds and corrugated valleys and are robust, efficient and economical.

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Attention, dust explosion!

Dust explosions are an underestimated hazard in industrial manufacturing. Microscopically fine particles can quickly transform the ambient air into an ignitable atmosphere. Then all it takes is a small spark to trigger an explosion with serious consequences. To prevent the big bang from the outset, safe components such as antistatic or electrically conductive or dissipative hoses should be used. They help prevent electrostatic charges and minimize the risk of serious dust explosions.

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Consistently digital - AMPIUS®

We can transfer our long-standing and broad production and material know-how to a wide range of new applications in the field of Smart Products and Internet of Things (IoT). We were the first hose manufacturer ever to launch a hose management system consisting of hose, sensor technology, engineering and data processing - and hit a nerve. Under the name AMPIUS®, we offer hose systems with integrated life cycle tracking functions as well as a matching app.

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Mood: AMPIUS App for Predictive Maintenance

Cost-efficient maintenance

Customers often ask about the service life of our hoses and hose lines. There is no general answer to this question. Wear depends on many factors. These include, for example, the flow rate, flow velocities, temperature or the specific installation situation. In this white paper, we take a closer look at the subject of wear. How does wear occur and what influences it? How can machine downtime occur and how can it be prevented? We provide answers and show solutions.

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