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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

Suction hoses and transport hoses made of PVC / EVA

Suction hoses made of PVC and EVA complete our product range of extruded profile hoses and film hoses.

Due to the better chemical resistance of PVC compared to PU and the lower price of the raw material, the hoses are an alternative to the conveying and suction hoses made of PU. Our products in this field are particularly useful for the agricultural sector, air-conditioning and ventilation technology and, above all, the chemical industry and mechanical engineering.

By adding suitable additives, stabilizers and plasticizers, we make PVC usable for hoses. Many of our PVC and EVA suction and transport hoses have been developed for specific requirements and operating conditions. For example, our PVC suction hoses are a good alternative to clip hoses for the suction of chemical vapors, since density plays a fundamental role here.

In addition to the material, the specific strength of a hose is also determined by the design. This also determines, above all, the thickness of the hose wall and thus both the weight of the hose and its pressure resistance and flexibility. PVC hoses from Masterflex are usually among the heavy hoses with a high wall thickness, which results in many technical advantages. The hose wall of most hoses is colored gray as standard. However, the corresponding items are also available in a transparent version.

MaterialConstruction & Manufacturing

Our PVC and EVA suction hoses offer a wide range of applications and are used not only in the agricultural sector but also in other industries.

Fields of applicationContact

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Sentiment: Agribusiness

PVC as a material for suction hoses and conveying hoses.

PVC is an inexpensive and versatile material. Conveyor hoses and suction hoses made of PVC are suitable for almost any environment and for almost any application - with the exception of cases where solvents are used.

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The construction of conveying hoses and suction hoses made of PVC and EVA

PVC suction hoses by profile extrusion

In terms of design or construction, all PVC hoses, with the exception of Master-PVC Flex, belong to the profile extruded hoses. Our product range includes PVC hoses in different wall thicknesses:

  • LF or HF (light film hoses)
  • L (light)
  • H (heavy)
  • Polderflex (very heavy)

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Special features of the design and manufacturing process

As with all extruded spiral hoses, the wall thickness of the PVC hoses mentioned above makes all the difference, both in terms of compressive strength, bending flexibility and weight.

Due to their absolutely smooth inner wall, extruded hoses offer optimum flow conditions with only minimal flow losses. The smoother the inner wall of the hose, the less likely it is that the particles being transported in the hose will "collide" with the wall. The optimum flow properties have a positive effect on the service life of the hose. The hose lasts longer and does not need to be replaced as frequently. The flow optimizations also reduce energy consumption and costs.

Conveyor hoses and suction hoses made of PVC bring with them the technical advantages of heavy-duty hoses thanks to the flexible manufacturing process of extrusion. They can achieve significantly longer service lives than standard hoses.

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