MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen


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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

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Polderflex PVC

Article master no: 000446

PVC Suction Hose & Transport Hose, pressure & vacuum proof, cadmium-free, flexible

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hydrolysis resistant
microbe resistant
flame retardant
very pressure resistant

PVC Suction Hose & Transport Hose, pressure & vacuum proof, cadmium-free, flexible

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Short Info

Description, addition to product namePVC Suction Hose & Transport Hose, pressure & vacuum proof, cadmium-free, flexible

Construction / Material

Type of constructionProfile extruded hose with metal spiral
Spiral Designmade of steel wire
Material of the spiralSpring steel
Execution of the wallmade of specified material, Wall thickness between the spirals approx. 3 - 10 mm, depending on DN
Material of the wallsoft PVC
Specifications of the wallapproved for direct food contact of categories A, B, C, E, according to EU Directive 1935/2004, 10/2011 and its latest amending Directives


Specifications of the productManufacturing process according to GMP EC 2023/2006
Chemical Propertiesatoxic, physiologically harmless, good resistance to oil, good resistance to alkalis, good resistance to acids
Pressure Resistancevery pressure resistant
Otherhigh vacuum and good pressure resistance

Operating Temperature

Temperature Range-20 to 70 °C
short-term maximum temperaturepeaks to 80 °C

Delivery Information

Delivery, type of productionVarious nominal widths in standard lengths are available ex-production, individual nominal widths and lengths also ex-stock

Application Areas

Areas of applicationBulk & Construction, Sea & rail transport, Chemistry, Food & Pharma, Plastics, Vehicle construction

Customizing Options

optional item modification (on request)other lengths, other nominal widths, with customer-specific imprint

Application areas

Bulk & Construction

Sea & rail transport


Food & Pharma


Vehicle construction

Supply variants

All data refer to a medium and ambient temperature of +20 °C.

Extended Article NumberNominal Size (DN)
in mm
Outer diameter
in mm
Bending radius*
in mm
in kg/m
Operating pressure
in bar
Negative pressure
in bar
Max. Production length
in m
Stock Lengths
in m
Length (standard lengths available for order)
in m
In stock
000446:13:x1319260.229.000.8850.005030 / 40 / 50
000446:16:x1622320.279.000.8850.003030 / 40 / 50
000446:19:x1926380.358.000.8850.003030 / 40 / 50
000446:20:x2027400.348.000.8850.003030 / 40 / 50
000446:25:x2533500.528.000.8850.005030 / 40 / 50
000446:32:x3240640.668.000.8850.003030 / 40 / 50
000446:38:x3847760.807.000.8850.003030 / 40 / 50
000446:40:x4050800.957.000.8850.003030 / 40 / 50
000446:45:x4555901.156.000.8850.003030 / 40 / 50
000446:51:x51621021.355.000.8850.003030 / 40 / 50
000446:60:x60721201.755.000.8850.003030 / 40 / 50

* Related to the inside of the hose bend | Subject to technical changes and color deviations.