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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

Plastic connector

We are experts in plastic hose connectors or plastic connectors. Our expertise ranges from flanges to sleeves to cuffs. If you don't find the right product, please contact us - we will find a solution!

Variety of plastic hose connectors

Our plastic connectors are the ideal solution when media-carrying lines need to be connected safely and reliably. Here, we have the option of casting plastics for the production of special connecting parts or for the attachment of sleeves in special molds designed for this purpose (coating) or even injecting them by our injection molding expert within the Masterflex Group, Fleima-Plastic. This enables us to connect hoses to other functional parts with a precise fit and optimum seal.

The portfolio of our plastic connectors initially includes different flange types that can be connected to a mating flange or even a spigot. This selection of fixed, loose and threaded flanges is supplemented by various tapered flanges. These tapered flanges are particularly easy to install in conjunction with our quick-action clamps.

In addition to different flange types, our selection of plastic connectors also includes other connection solutions, such as

  • Sleeves - including a heat-shrink sleeve
  • spigots
  • hose connectors and
  • hose collars

Advantages of plastic connectorsSelection of plastic connectorContact

Mood: Product launch meeting for new plastic connectorMood: Product launch meeting for new plastic connector

Plastic hose connector: flange or socket?

Flanges: Many product types, one product family

The product family of flanges includes various product types, which are described differentiated for various pressure levels in the standard DIN EN 1092-1. This European standard has replaced various individual German standards, such as the former standards 2632, 2633 and 2673. Based on the DIN 1092-1 standard , the design of our flange connections is based in particular on the following types:

  • 04 "Loose flanges for welding neck collar",
  • 11 "Weld neck flanges" and
  • 34 "Weld neck collar".

At Masterflex, a teminological distinction is made between these two types:

  • Loose flange
  • Fixed flange

Flange connections have to meet special requirements because they are bolted together with bolts, washers and nuts in a longitudinally force-locking and tight manner. The flange connection must therefore absorb the tightening torques of the bolts and transmit the resulting force to the flange without deformation. All flange connections allow detachable connections, e.g. to pumps, valves or vessels.

We manufacture individual flanges and nozzles from food-grade polyurethane. Like our food hoses, these plastic connectors are specially designed for use in the food industry. In this way, hoses and connectors create a continuous connection wherever hygiene and food safety are of crucial importance.

Sockets: More than simple plug-in connections

Depending on requirements, we use polyurethane with specially enhanced material properties for the production of joints. For example, we process electrically conductive or permanently antistatic polyurethane to produce joints that are particularly suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. In addition, individual couplings are matched to specific hoses and thus designed for specific requirements, such as the

 Mood picture: Explanation of the hose connector situation

Permanently mounted plastic connectors: connections from a single mold

Even though the production of these firmly molded connectors is an important part of our standardized production, such coating parts are not standard articles in the narrower sense. Rather, the combination of hose and connector results in system articles or hose systems that are manufactured to order. However, in the case of coating, the possibilities for modifying the article are limited. This is in contrast to hoses, where customization is always possible. Comparable possibilities for product customization exist only to a limited extent for plastic connectors.

Nevertheless, the fixed connectors in particular are rather unusual components. This is also because they are equipped with a digital interface as standard. This makes the corresponding hose systems compatible with the AMPIUS® app.

And there is something else that makes the fixed plastic connectors special: During production, we work grounding plates into individual conical and fixed flanges that can dissipate electrostatic charges.

Advantages of plastic hose connectors

If you use our plastic connectors together with our hoses, you can benefit from numerous advantages, such as

  • Tensile and longitudinal force resistant mechanical connection
  • Liquid-tight connection
  • Gas-tight connection
  • Connection option without cross-section narrowing
  • Smooth transition between hose and connector
  • Easy to assemble
  • Most connectors can be easily replaced and are reusable

Not every combination of hose and plastic connector offers the above advantages to the same degree or to the same extent. Please contact us for advice on which connector solution or hose system best suits your requirements.

Masterflex Group - our engineers discussing future topics.

Choosing the right plastic hose connector

Choosing the right hose connector is demanding. This is because for many articles you not only have to pay attention to the correct nominal diameter, but also to additional criteria that make a difference. In individual cases, you should therefore also consider these aspects when selecting an article

  • Is a male or female part required for an asymmetrical coupling?
  • For which connectors is the given connection dimension decisive for the selection of the suitable connection solution?
  • To which hose type should the connector fit? (Masterflex hoses of the Master-PUR L Trivolution, Master-PUR H Trivolution or Master-PUR HX series? Master-PUR Performance? Master-PUR Inline?)

For the flanges, you should also pay attention to the PN10/16 specification or the loadable nominal pressure of the flange. The nominal pressure also determines the dimensions and the number of holes for the flange bolts. The hole pattern may differ from pressure stage to pressure stage or PN10/16 for nominal widths DN 200 and above.

When selecting flanges, make sure that only flanges or fittings with the same nominal pressure are used. Please pay particular attention to notes on the nominal pressure of the flange in the product description for the following plastic connectors:

Do you have questions about our plastic hose connectors? Please contact us!

We look forward to talking with you!

You have questions about our products, individual solutions or special application areas and requirements? Feel free to contact us! We look forward to talking to you! 

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