MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen


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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

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PU Hose Sleeve

Reusable special sleeve for connection of spiral hoses from the Masterflex SE hose range, for use with clamp collars

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Product data

Construction / Material

design of the cuffmade of a material with high impact strength, made of abrasion resistant material
material of the cuffPolyurethane


Chemical Propertiesmicrobe-resistant

Operating Temperature

Temperature Range-40 to 90 °C
short-term maximum temperaturepeaks to 125 °C

Delivery Information

Delivery, type of productionVarious nominal widths are available ex production, individual nominal widths also ex stock

Supply variants

All data refer to a medium and ambient temperature of +20 °C.

Article numberDN of the hose
in mm
in mm
Outer diameter of the screw range (Da)
in mm
00133138Hoses in version L2559
00612251Hoses in version L3767
00134265Hoses in version L4387
00135180Hoses in version L43102
001355102Hoses in version L80118
001360127Hoses in version L115147
001364152Hoses in version L133173
00132938Hoses in version H2559
00133551Hoses in version H3767
00134065Hoses in version H4387
00134475Hoses in version H43101
00134880Hoses in version H43101
001352102Hoses in version H80118
/127Hoses in version H115147
007296152Hoses in version H133173
/204Hoses in version H180239
00133651Hoses in version HXno data/
00134576Hoses in version HX43101
00134980Hoses in version HX43102
001353102Hoses in version HX80130
001367204Hoses in version HX180239
00133038Hoses in version Inline2560
00133340Hoses in version Inline2561
00133751Hoses in version Inline3770
00134165Hoses in version Inline4386
00135080Hoses in version Inline43101
001359127Hoses in version Inlineno data/
001363152Hoses in version Inline133180
001368204Hoses in version Inline180239
00133238Hoses in version Performance2560
00133440Hoses in version Performance2561
00133951Hoses in version Performance3770
00134365Hoses in version Performance4386
00134776Hoses in version Performance43101
001356102Hoses in version Performance80128
001361127Hoses in version Performance115154
001365152Hoses in version Performance133180

* Related to the inside of the hose bend | Subject to technical changes and color deviations.