MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen


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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

Air conditioning hoses, ventilation hoses and welding smoke hoses

These ventilation hoses can be found in application areas such as air conditioning, ventilation as well as welding fumes.

With the ventilation hoses mentioned in this product group, gaseous media can be safely guided in a temperature range up to +200°C (Master-Clip Spark XL). Some of our ventilation hoses can also be used at higher temperatures. The hoses mentioned here are ideally suited to perform tasks in the field of air conditioning and ventilation (supply and exhaust air) or also for discharging so-called welding fumes.

MaterialsConstruction &Manufacturing

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Fields of applicationContact

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Example of the hvac technology sector in which the Masterflex Group is active.

Construction of air-conditioning hoses, ventilation hoses and welding smoke hoses

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For the production of ventilation hoses, which are used for example in ventilation, air conditioning and welding fumes, we use foil or fabric strips and a clamping profile ("clip").

Manufacturing process

Deformation behavior & recovery

Individual hoses from the category of ventilation hoses, such as the Master-Clip PUR S, tolerate mechanical impacts very well, such as compression or kinking. The special hose construction ensures that the hose will straighten up again after deformation. These good restoring forces bring advantages wherever mechanical hazards threaten a hose in daily operation.

Materials for the production of clip ventilation hoses.

For this product group we use various types of fabric, which differ from each other in their properties. Depending on the substances or gases to be transported, the requirements for temperature resistance or the expected mechanical loads, we have a relatively wide range of high-quality technical materials at our disposal.


We use, among other things, woven and knitted fabrics made of glass, polyamide, polyester as well as aramid fibers such as Nomex® or Kevlar® or even ceramic material. For the coating, we use special rubbers such as silicone, Neoprene® and chlorosulfonyl polyethylene rubber (CSM) as well as special elastomers such as Viton®, Nitril® or butyl. Many types of fabric are particularly heat-resistant and thus enable use in the high-temperature range.

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Test standards & functional product properties of the ventilation hose.

In terms of dimensions and tolerances, our Master-VENT 2, for example, meets the requirements of DIN 13180, as it does in terms of mechanical resistance. This standard specifies requirements and test methods for the technical characteristics of flexible air ducts used in ventilation and air conditioning systems in buildings for human occupancy.

We manufacture different hose solutions for the various applications of our hoses. For detailed information on your desired product, please contact our expert sales staff.

Test standards

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We promote sustainable technologies

Our hoses play an important role in the cooling and heating of wind turbines (onshore and offshore). Here, we make a sustainable contribution to the energy transition and climate neutrality.

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Maintainers beware!

Avoid delivery bottlenecks or even machine downtime! We offer plant operators and maintenance personnel our Worry-Free Service offering, which allows you to plan with confidence and avoid production downtime, guaranteed.

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In-house development solutions

As part of our engineering services, we offer customized products - or work with you to develop highly individualized, innovative, and economical hose and connection solutions.

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Do you have questions about our air-conditioning hoses, ventilation hoses or welding smoke hoses? Please contact us!

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You have questions about our products, individual solutions or special application areas and requirements? Feel free to contact us! We look forward to talking to you! 

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