MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen


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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

Applications of technical hoses and connection systems

The function of an entire machine or system can depend on the inconspicuous hose component. Only the right hose can ensure that a medium gets from A to B reliably, permanently, unchanged, at a good temperature and efficiently.

The requirement to convey or extract solid, liquid or gaseous substances arises for many companies in the industrial environment: in the processing of wood, metal, textiles or paper as well as in the production of microchips or electronic assemblies, in the production of machines for the wood, metal, textile or paper industries - or in fully automatic coffee machines.

Strictly speaking, our hoses are everywhere!

Plant and mechanical engineering

For many decades, our hoses and connection solutions have been securing essential functions in important machines and plants. As the first hose manufacturer ever, we also offer digital hose systems with integrated lifecycle tracking functions(AMPIUS®) that can be read out via an app.

Example of the agricultural industry sector in which the Masterflex Group is active.


We are a long-standing partner of the agricultural industry. Whether for seed spreading, grain transport, animal feeding or in agricultural machinery: Due to the (often seasonal) use under continuous load, particularly high demands are placed on hoses and connection solutions here. Our PU spiral hoses score particularly well here due to their high abrasion resistance - and thus longer durability compared to PVC hoses.

Example of the automotive industry in which the Masterflex Group is active


The automotive industry is one of the most demanding markets with high quality standards worldwide. Our products and fastening solutions are used wherever cars are built, repaired or serviced. Our customers include the automotive industry, its suppliers and companies in the motorsport sector. Our flexible hose system solutions are installed, for example, in turbocharger systems, e-charging stations, lumbar supports or testing equipment.




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Printing and paper

Paper, board or cardboard: Our hoses and connection systems are used in the manufacture of paper-making and paper-processing machines, by manufacturers of machines for print production and by users of these machines.
These can be printers, machine builders, but also paper mills.



We support the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in the supply of basic materials and the handling of gases and vapors, which pose a great challenge to hoses. For such extreme requirements, we offer an almost limitless selection of hoses and connection systems. Our customers include companies that produce and process chemicals, companies that build machines, equipment and plant for the chemical industry, and companies in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.

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Energy Technology

With our products and connection solutions, we support the environmentally friendly and economical use of energy in all its facets. Thus, our products and connection solutions are used in the production or maintenance of or in energy generation plants (waste incineration plants, wind energy plants) or energy converters, but also in the field of energy recovery.




Example of the area of the municipal disposal and cleaning technology in which the Masterflex Group is active.

Disposal and cleaning technology

Whether municipal technology, leaf vacuums, grass mowers or cleaning systems: Our hoses and connection solutions are used by companies that build cleaning technology systems and equipment, as well as by companies that use suction or blowing technology or take on (asbestos) disposal and industrial cleaning tasks. We also offer industry-specific solutions for use in sweepers and suction vehicles.




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Vehicle construction

Our hoses and connection solutions are used by manufacturers of commercial vehicles (as well as their bodies) in the commercial, agricultural and government sectors, of industrial trucks or even two-wheeled vehicles. Our solutions for the automotive industry can be found under Automotive.

Mood: Robotics and lifting technology

Conveying, lifting and feeding technology

Whether piece goods or bulk materials, plumb or ergonomic - when something has to be moved from A to B, our hoses and connection solutions are used. They can be found in machines for conveying, lifting and feeding technology, in vacuum lifters, cranes or vibratory bowl feeders.


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Research and development

New technologies inspire us! We therefore work closely with research institutes, universities and engineering service providers and participate in the development of new technologies.
At the same time, we use such collaborations to establish ourselves as an attractive development partner and employer.


Semiconductor Industry

The supply chains for semiconductors and microchips are complex. The world market is dominated by Asian countries such as Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and China. We are increasingly positioning ourselves as a local supplier. Products such as high-purity hose lines are used, for example, by well-known manufacturers of lithography equipment to produce microchips.

Sample image for the industry in which the Masterflex Group is active.


The requirement to convey or extract solid, liquid or gaseous substances arises for many companies in the industrial environment. Our precision-fit hoses and connection solutions are used in numerous industries: in the processing of wood, metal, textiles or paper as well as in the production of electronic assemblies, in the production of machines for the wood, metal, textile or paper industry or in recycling.

Mood: Hoses in wood processing


Whether in sawmills or planing mills, in the production or conveying of wood pellets, for furniture manufacturers or in the processing wood industry: our products and connection solutions support the manufacture of machines for wood processing, the processing or further processing of wood or the extraction of wood. One application example is the exhaust air ducting in CNC machines.

Mood: Cable production

Cable technology

Our customers also include manufacturers of cable systems, i.e. producers of line systems that are created from a composite of partly different materials/lines. Our hoses are additional media lines in the cable bundle and provide cooling and air supply.


Example of the plastics industry in which the Masterflex Group is active.


The processing of plastics is a multi-layered process, at the end of which there are finished molded parts, semi-finished products, fibers or films. During processing, granules or powders are usually conveyed and distributed over long distances. Companies that build machines for the plastics industry or process plastics can rely on our products and solutions in this process.

Example of the paint industry sector in which the Masterflex Group is active.

Painting technology

In the painting industry, entire painting lines are equipped with our hoses and connection solutions for paint supply - even in explosion-proof plants.

Companies that build plants and equipment for painting and paint spraying technology particularly appreciate the high quality and chemical resistance of our optionally or combined antistatic, electrically conductive hoses, which are also available in high-voltage-resistant versions.

Example of the hvac technology sector in which the Masterflex Group is active.

Air-conditioning and ventilation technology

For many years, craft businesses that install and maintain air-conditioning and (exhaust) air technology, as well as companies that build machines, devices and systems with which air is extracted or moved, have relied on our flexible solutions.

Our hoses are also used in engine test stands to extract gases, vapors and dusts that are hazardous to health.

Example of the aerospace industry in which the Masterflex Group is active


Due to our adept handling of a wide range of qualification requirements as well as a high level of development competence, we are among the most important suppliers for the aerospace industry. In addition to hoses and hose connections, our product portfolio also includes perfectly fitting molded parts for applications such as air distribution, noise reduction or support for ECU or bleed air systems in aircraft. There are hoses from us in almost every Airbus aircraft.

But our hoses are used not only in the air, but also on the ground, e.g. when aircraft in holding positions need to be supplied with power or the contents of vacuum toilets are extracted with our robust ground support equipment hoses.

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Food and Pharma

In the food industry, hoses are used to transport and direct a wide variety of liquid or solid media. Only hose systems that comply with strict regulations and guidelines are allowed to transport coffee, sugar or even milk powder from A to B. Our certified food-grade hoses and connection solutions are relied on by companies that build machinery and equipment for the food industry, or that process or transport food.

To our food hoses

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Medical Technology

Medical technology would be inconceivable without plastics, which are suitable for many medical products. Medical tubing is needed for blood collection as well as for ventilation or for the application of an infusion. In addition to the use of high-quality biocompatible materials, high regulatory and process engineering specifications must be met. Our cleanroom-manufactured extruded medical tubing and matching injection molded parts and connectors for standard medical applications make an important contribution to safe and efficient medical care.

Mood: Metal construction

Metal and tool making

The tool industry is mainly related to the metal industry. It describes the production of, among others, hand tools, machine tools or tools for metalworking.

We support processors of metallic raw materials and metallic semi-finished tools.

These can be foundries, metallurgical plants or other metal processing companies.

Mood: Surface technology

Surface technology

Surfaces can be processed by a wide variety of methods and thus optimized or modified to meet a specific requirement.

Such requirements can be: mechanical protection, barrier function, interfacial interaction, electrical function or optical function.

Our hoses and connection solutions support manufacturers and users of machines for surface finishing.


Example of the robotics and automation industry in which the Masterflex Group is active

Robotics and automation

With our products and connection solutions, we respond to the new requirements in robotics and automation technology.

We thus ensure maximum productivity in modern manufacturing and efficient material flow.

Industrial or cleaning robots, for example, not only receive reliable energy through our hoses, but also receive the necessary cable protection.

Mood: Marine

Maritime and rail transport

Our products and connection solutions are used in rail vehicles, boats and ships. They are used in the transport of goods by rail or in shipbuilding at shipyards. Areas of application are the development, manufacture or maintenance of machines and vehicles for rail transport or transport at sea.

Example of the construction, stone and earth industry in which the Masterflex Group is active.

Bulk material and construction

When transporting or extracting sand, gravel, cullet, stones, cement, concrete, gypsum, powder, grain or granulate, a robust hose with an absolutely smooth inner wall and a matching connection part is a must. The two "patented" PU hoses Master-PUR-Inline and Master-PUR-Performance, for example, are among the customer favorites in the bulk solids sector thanks to these properties combined with long service lives.

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Textile Industry

There are countless textile machines - from spinning machines to creels and winders to cutting machines for fabrics.
We support manufacturers of textile-processing and textile-processing machines with our hoses and connection systems.

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White goods

The term 'white goods' or white goods is the synonym for all types of household electrical appliances in the trade, which can be used to perform tasks such as cooking, baking, washing, cleaning or even personal hygiene. Our products are used in small electrical appliances for domestic use as well as large electrical appliances for industrial use.