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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen


With us you will find the right clamp for every purpose in different materials and sizes. If you do not find the right product, please contact us - we will find a solution!

Hose clamps: Versatile all-rounders

Hose clamps are used to connect the end of a hose to a fixed connection and thus prevent the escape of liquids, for example. They are used wherever hoses need to be fastened. The areas of application are diverse. Whether indoors or outdoors, in the automotive industry or in agriculture - hose clamps are necessary in numerous application situations.

Types of hose clampsStandards for hose clampsContact

Product image: Master-Grip quick release clamp

Hose clamps from Masterflex

Our range includes a variety of hose clamps - both for our clip hoses and for our extruded spiral hoses. In addition to our hose clamps made of galvanized steel, you can also opt for structurally identical alternatives in stainless steel design. The bridge profile of our clamps guarantees a largely tension-proof and largely leak-proof connection.

Hose clamp types

Special hose clamps are required for cone flange coupling systems. With the so-called clamp connection, for example, two identical clamp flanges are connected to each other. However, it is also possible to screw two "oppositely" designed flanges onto a hose end as a male or female part and connect them together. Depending on the design of the coupling system, the requirements for the clamps needed in each case will vary.

What standards apply to hose clamps

Whereas in the case of an according to DIN 32676 both connections are connected with a special clamp after insertion of the appropriate seal, a clamp connection designed according to DIN 3016-3 (retracted) clamp connection, so-called retaining clamps ensure that the hose and the screwed-on tapered flange (regardless of whether the male or female part) remain firmly connected to each other. Since in both cases the geometry of the clamps is matched to the specific profile of the flanges, they are also referred to as profile clamps. These profile clamps with jaw or joint closure are an integral part of our product portfolio.

Profile clamps according to DIN 3016-3 (withdrawn) or also bridge clamps according to DIN 3017 are suitable, for example, for large-dimension suction hoses or similar applications that do not have to absorb strong mechanical forces. You will find corresponding clamps in our range up to a nominal diameter of 250 mm. For bridge clamps, even significantly larger clamping ranges are possible. Also in our product portfolio you will find suitable clamps or joint clamps with a nominal width of up to a maximum of 150 mm for connecting two clamp spigots.

Profile clamps with clamp jaws or articulated clamps as well as bridge clamps are designed to securely fasten spiral hoses with their corrugated outer contour. You can freely select the pitch of such spiral hose clamps (right-hand or left-hand pitch). The decisive factor here is the pitch of the spiral hose.

Application picture: Hose clamps from Masterflex

TIP: If you are unsure of the pitch of the spiral hose, we recommend holding the hose vertically in front of you. Then you can see whether the spiral turns upwards to the left or right side.

You have questions about our hose clamps? Please contact us!

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You have questions about our products, individual solutions or special application areas and requirements? Feel free to contact us! We look forward to talking to you! 

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