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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
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Customized special hoses

We can adapt (almost) any standard hose according to the specific requirements, the special installation situation or individual wishes. Learn more about our special hoses.

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Our special hoses

Our range of standard hoses is only an excerpt of our possibilities.

In addition to standard-tested hose types, we create individually adapted ("customized") special hoses - and, together with you, also completely new development solutions. We are constantly working on new processes and solutions to ensure that these have the right properties for each application or requirement.

We can individualize (almost) any hose - and adapt technical features such as diameter, vacuum, bending radius, wall thickness, length, imprint or color according to requirements.

But that's not all: We match our hoses with valuable, in some cases innovative connectors to create the perfect hose systems and connection solutions. Depending on your needs and requirements, we can assemble your hoses with the desired connections.

An overview of the possibilities of individual adjustments

Whether logo, company or brand name - we can print (almost) any hose individually. The print image can vary from scaling (with and without numbers), company logos, marking of the respective production batch numbers to individual print texts.

With our spiral hoses you have the choice between a spiral made of spring steel wire, stainless steel wire, hard PVC or a spiral coated with plastic. The plastic coating protects the spiral from external mechanical effects. The spiral pitch/spacing itself can also be customized.

Sudden discharges (sparks) can be unpleasant, sometimes even dangerous. To ensure discharge, a hose assembly must be grounded. A test for electrical conductivity is particularly necessary when used in EX areas (potentially explosive atmospheres). TRGS 727 must be observed here. With a stranded wire, a continuous grounding can be established with the appropriate connection and the hoses are considered conductive. The danger of possible electrostatic charges can thus be greatly reduced.

From black to transparent, everything is possible: Our hoses are available in RAL colors, so that, for example, marking of different fluids or coding is possible.

In addition to standard lengths, all our hoses are also available in extra lengths.

We process technically sophisticated plastics and fabrics into innovative products. We can draw on many years of experience in the field of polymers, materials, fabrics and films as well as their processing. By processing modern materials, we realize solutions that can only be realized inadequately, at great expense or not at all with conventional materials.


For hoses, the inside diameter is usually specified. The correct way to indicate the nominal diameter according to EN ISO 6708 is by the designation "DN", followed by a number (approximately) corresponding to the inside diameter in millimeters. In addition to the inside diameter, the outside diameter (OD = Outside Diameter), the wall thickness and the length can also be specified for each hose.

We can variably adjust the diameter of our hoses by using a wide variety of mandrels.

Depending on fire safety requirements, the use of flame retardant materials may be necessary.

There is a whole range of regulations and standards relating to fire protection and fire behavior. For most applications within Germany, DIN 4102 (Fire behavior of building materials and components) provides information with regard to preventive structural fire protection and has been introduced as a technical building regulation by the building authorities in all German states.

How flexible a hose is depends on its wall thickness and the spiral spacing. We can vary the wall thicknesses of our hoses and adapt them individually to the respective installation situation.

Individual special hose constructions

Of course, we offer special hose designs specifically tailored to your applications

The expert Masterflex development team will be happy to advise you on individual hose and connection solutions designed to meet your requirements. Our safety and quality requirements and our experienced staff will enable you to find exactly what you are looking for.

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Hose systems from the Masterflex Group

Our high-level and group-wide expertise will surely find suitable solutions for hose systems to which different connectors and connecting elements can be connected. By the term "hose system" we mean the joining of one or more connector components to an existing hose.

Also interesting: Our digital hose systems

The Masterflex Group has developed hose systems under the name AMPIUS®. With the AMPIUS® hose systems with integrated life cycle tracking functions, the matching AMPIUS® app has already gone online. Currently, the first GO-Live MVP for the digital hose management system is about to be published.

Click here to learn more!

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Connection technology

If required, we can assemble your hoses with the desired connections.

The connection points of hoses to an existing system are one of the special challenges in the field of connection technology. Especially in case of extreme requirements, these connection points must hold perfectly. That's why we also offer matching connectors for all our hoses and connection solutions. These can be connectors made of metal or plastic, or manufacturing processes such as coating, in which we cast plastics into specially designed molds to produce special connection parts or to attach sleeves.

More about our connecting elements

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Hose finder

The Masterflex product finder helps you to find your desired product, the suitable hose or connecting element.

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