MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen


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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
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Special hose properties required? Our service offer for OEMs

Your new or proven application should work and run reliably? Then you are well advised with us as a competent partner.

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Only the best for your machine - with us it runs through and through!

The perfect hose for your machine

Choosing the right hose is often not so simple. There are countless factors to consider in the search. First and foremost, the area of application must be determined, because this provides information about the other parameters.

The pumped medium is essential in determining the hose: Is it gaseous, liquid, dusty or solid? And how abrasive or aggressive does it behave towards the hose during conveying? Depending on the application and the conveyed medium, properties such as temperature and pressure resistance (for suction or extraction) as well as flexibility are required.

In addition, hoses may have to meet special conditions. For example, for flame retardancy (fire protection) or in humid environments, certain additives help to optimize the hose for its intended use.

Portrait: Christian Horstkötter Managing Director Sales Europe –Industrial Solutions at Masterflex

For us, quality is more than just a certificate.

Christian Horstkötter, Managing Director - Industrial Solutions

We support machine builders

You as an original equipment manufacturer are important to us. Since we support a large number of OEMs, we know exactly the needs and necessities of this target group.

Getting there fast: The most important links for our machine builders & OEMs

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The hose finder - quickly and specifically to the desired product

Are you looking for a hose with very specific properties? Our product finder will help you find the right hose for your application. Simply enter important parameters such as medium, temperature resistance or pressure behavior and you will quickly and specifically receive your desired product.

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Certify us!

Not only independent bodies regularly certify us, our products and our processes - our customers do too. You are welcome to do so as well. So you know you're getting what you need.

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We face every test

Our standards, certifications and testing procedures ensure our high standards for the quality of our products.

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What we do for OEMs and machine builders

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The finished machine must be perfect

Through many years of cooperation with machine builders and OEMs, we know what these customers don't want: Endless searches for the right parts. All components should be easy to find and, at best, simply do their job.

To ensure that research does not spoil the realization of your machine, Masterflex offers options to simplify things.

Suitable framework agreements for machine builders

Machine builders want to build the perfect machine. Once we have jointly found the best connection solution from our product portfolio, you no longer need to worry about security of supply. We offer you framework agreements in which we assure that you will be supplied as quickly as possible when you need it. If you wish, we can stock these for you - regardless of whether they are standard hoses or custom-made products.

Framework agreements are proof of your trusting cooperation and enable a win-win situation. We enjoy a long-term customer relationship and you will receive your customized product within 48 hours.

Your belts are running, your machine is produced - without delays.

Key Account Management

Do you value continuity and someone with whom you understand each other in just a few words? Experience continuous competence with our concept of fixed contacts for your industry.

Audit on site

You would like to see the quality of the processes and products for yourself. No problem, because our quality experts will take the time for you - no matter whether it's with us or with you.


Customized training keeps your finger on the pulse. Whether day or half-day training, on-site or online, for specific industries or customers, we bring you up to speed.

Order processing via EDI

If you would like to further automate your processes with us, we offer digitalized order processing via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This allows you to conveniently reorder our products from your systems.

Worldwide support

You have branches on different continents and need help? With our 14 offices in Europe, America and Asia, we are close by, in person on site or virtually.

Engineering Services - exactly what you need

Our Engineering Services (as a generic term) help you with complex installation situations. Here we offer two options.

The adaptation of an existing hose as a special hose is a standard service for us. With our hoses, many of the features can be customized: from the appearance (such as the color) to the interior (e.g. the wire).

More info: Special hoses

For complete in-house developments, our development team will guide you through the appropriate phases of product development. Our broad knowledge of industries, applications and materials helps create a special, high-quality and new product.

More information: Development Solutions

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How you benefit from the know-how of the entire Masterflex Group

Engineering Services

You have questions about products or would like to talk to our experts. Write us via our contact form!

We look forward to talking with you!

You have questions about our products, individual solutions or special application areas and requirements? Feel free to contact us! We look forward to talking to you! 

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Our team for direct contact

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