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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

Metal connector

We are experts in metal hose connectors or metal connectors. The portfolio of our metal hose connectors includes cone flanges, spigots, joint clamps, clamping shells, hose connectors and a hose reducer.

If the right product is not included, please contact us - we will find a solution!

Variety of metal hose connectors

Our hose connectors made of metals such as stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized sheet steel are particularly suitable for transporting solid, liquid and gaseous media in a wide range of industries. They provide a secure connection between hose and fitting.

The portfolio of our metal hose connectors includes the types cone flanges, spigots, joint clamps, clamping shells, hose connectors and a hose reducer. Our cone flanges are particularly easy to install in conjunction with our quick-release clamps.

The ISO standard EN 14420-4 describes how a loose flange or fixed flange fitting with spigots can be designed as a mountable and dismountable connection by means of a shell fitting. Such shell fittings consist of a spigot with a locking collar, whereby the hose spigot or shell fitting is inserted into the hose. The hose can then be pressed onto the spigot with the aid of clamping shells.

Further instructions on how to make such a clamping shell connection can be found in an instruction manual that we have prepared for you.

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Clamped or screwed: How metal connectors keep hygienically tight

A clamp connection usually consists of two identical clamp connections, the clamp seal and a clamp clip with wing nut. In contrast, the so-called milk pipe fitting uses a coupling thread or a metric round thread according to DIN 405, as well as a sealing conical socket and likewise a sealing ring. The connection between the hose and the fitting is made by a PU connection, which ensures a particularly smooth transition in the design.

Both connection solutions, whether clamped or screwed, can ensure a safe and hygienic seal. However, in the case of clamp connections, care should be taken to ensure that sufficient contact pressure is applied to the seal. In the event of excessive compression or incorrect assembly, however, there is a risk of the medium migrating past the seal (so-called back migration).

Milk pipe fittings and clamp connections are widely used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The requirements for corresponding connection solutions are described in DIN 11851 (milk pipe fitting) and DIN 32676 (clamp connection). Both connections meet high hygienic requirements. The coupling threads used in screwed hygienic fittings have coarse and rounded thread flanks and are therefore easy to clean.

Clamp connections are particularly suitable for connections that have to be released more frequently. The fittings can be easily disconnected or assembled by hand without tools. The clamp connection is symmetrical and is not differentiated into male and female parts.

Permanently mounted hose connectors from one casting

We deliver individual metal hose connectors only in connection with a hose. Depending on the selected hose type, we can manufacture the following permanently cast-on hose connectors for you in various nominal diameters.

Even though the production of these firmly cast-on connectors is an important part of our standardized production, such coating parts are not standard articles in the narrower sense. In fact, the combination of hose and connector results in system articles or hose systems that are manufactured to order. However, the possibilities for modifying the article are limited in the case of so-called coating. This distinguishes connectors from hoses, which are individualized products that can also be custom-made. Comparable possibilities for product individualization exist only to a limited extent for metal connectors.

Nevertheless, fixed connectors in particular are rather exceptional components. Also because they are equipped with a digital interface as standard. This makes the corresponding hose systems compatible with the AMPIUS® app.

And there is something else that makes the fixed-mount metal connectors special: All corresponding hose systems have a grounding connection between hose and fitting. Electrostatic charge can be dissipated by grounding the spring steel wire at the connector.

Your advantages with metal hose connectors

When you use our metal connectors in conjunction with our hoses, you can benefit from various advantages, such as

  • liquid-tight connection
  • streamlined

Not every combination of hose and metal connector offers the advantages mentioned to the same degree or to the same extent. Please contact us for advice on which connection solution or hose system best suits your requirements.

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You have questions about our metal connectors? Contact us!

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You have questions about our products, individual solutions or special application areas and requirements? Feel free to contact us! We look forward to talking to you! 

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