MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen


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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen

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Combiflex PU Cuff A

screw-on PU end fitting for Master-PUR hoses, permanently antistatic

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screw-on PU end fitting for Master-PUR hoses, permanently antistatic

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Short Info

Description, addition to product namescrew-on PU end fitting for Master-PUR hoses, permanently antistatic

Construction / Material

design of the cuffmade of highly abrasion-resistant material, made of specified material
material of the cuffPolyurethane
material specification of the cuffSurface resistance R₀ < 10⁹ Ohm, measured according to DIN IEC 60 167


Chemical Propertiesmicrobe-resistant
Physical Propertiesflexible at low temperatures, permanently antistatic
Otherreusable and replaceable, easy to assemble, Fixed version equipped with digital interface as standard. Compatible with the AMPIUS® app

Operating Temperature

Temperature Range-40 to 90 °C
short-term maximum temperaturepeaks to 125 °C

Delivery Information

Delivery, type of productionVarious nominal widths are available ex production, individual nominal widths also ex stock, individual nominal widths also ex stock

Customizing Options

optional item modification (on request)In permanently mounted design for liquid-tight, tension-resistant connections from DN32 to DN300, other nominal widths, other colours, Couplings for other hose qualities

Supply variants

All data refer to a medium and ambient temperature of +20 °C.

Article numberDN of the hose
in mm
TypePiece weight
in kg
in mm
Outer diameter of the pipe (AD)
in mm
Screw-in depth of the hose
in mm
Insertion depth of the threaded socket
in mm
Clamping range outside
in mm
001748120Hoses in version L0.49130121.0062.5062.50132
001749125Hoses in version L0.53130128.0062.5062.50139
001750140Hoses in version L0.60145141.0070.0070.00153
001751150Hoses in version L0.81145153.4070.0070.00165
001752160Hoses in version L0.80145161.0070.0070.00173
001753180Hoses in version L1.10160181.0077.5077.50194
001754200Hoses in version L1.20160204.7077.5077.50218
001755250Hoses in version L1.73175251.4085.0085.00266
001756300Hoses in version L2.50205301.50100.00100.00318
001766120Hoses in version H0.49130121.0062.5062.50132
001767125Hoses in version H0.53130128.0062.5062.50139
001768140Hoses in version H0.60145141.0070.0070.00153
001769150Hoses in version H0.81145153.4070.0070.00165
001770160Hoses in version H0.80145161.0070.0070.00173
001771180Hoses in version H1.10160181.0077.5077.50194
001772200Hoses in version H1.20160204.7077.5077.50218
001773250Hoses in version H1.73175251.4085.0085.00266
001774300Hoses in version H2.50205301.50100.00100.00318

* Related to the inside of the hose bend | Subject to technical changes and color deviations.