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MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
MASTERFLEX – Technische Schläuche & Verbindungen
Masterflex: Opinion on the Master-PUR HT 125

Product innovation - produce carefree even at elevated temperatures

When you start to sweat, we provide relief with new and often individual product solutions. Already in the development of sophisticated hose and connection systems, we put your needs for the right hose in our focus. We have therefore asked ourselves how we can set ourselves apart from the competition and even outperform the competition in the field of industrial transport and conveying hoses for hot, extremely abrasive media. Our goal: tangible added value for you!

The result is the product series around the Master-PUR HT 125. The polyurethane is specially designed for higher temperatures and thus suitable for applications with constant continuous operating temperatures of up to 125°C.

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Product image: Masterflex Master-PUR H HT125

Twice the safety for you due to up to 50% higher elongation at break!

Our new hose series not only expands our product portfolio, but also offers you additional arguments for a wide range of applications. Due to the mechanical material properties, for example, in addition to good flexibility, the elongation at break in the non-artificially aged state is significantly better than that of comparable products on the market. Master-PUR H HT 125 also performs very well in terms of tear resistance, both in the non-aged and artificially aged state, and in some cases can withstand twice the tensile forces of common comparative products. Due to the lower linear expansion, this PUR spiral hose retains its shape even under mechanical loads under tension. The advantages for you are obvious. Quality pays off. The aforementioned product properties improve resistance to hose damage by up to 50%. In this way, you increase the safety of your production at increased ambient temperatures and reduce the cost risk at the same time.

Example picture: Illustration granulate
Illustration of dark granules
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Safely conveying hot granules and abrasive media

Working at elevated temperatures? Easy, because now you too can use this medium-weight profile extruded spiral hose made of polyurethane for applications with higher temperatures up to 125 °C without any worries. For example, when transporting and conveying extremely abrasive media with elevated operating temperatures, such as conveying granulates or transporting warm, fine-grained particles such as dusts and powders. Of course, this type of hose has permanent antistatic properties and a surface resistance of Ro <10^9 Ohm.

However, Master-PUR H HT 125and Master-PUR M HT 125 can also be used in drying plants and suction applications, in the processing of plastics and in the fields of plant and machine construction and the manufacture of paper and printed products. Master-PUR M HT 125 can be ideally used in a temperature range from -30 °C to +125 °C and briefly up to +150 °C.

Safely convey extremely abrasive media with Master-PUR HT 125 hoses.

But it is not only heat resistance that distinguishes the Master-PUR HT 125 product series. This suction and transport hose can be used carefree for problematic, warm or extremely abrasive materials to be conveyed. No matter whether it is abrasive solids, liquid or gaseous media.

Food hoses to avoid costly hazards

At the Masterflex Group, our mission in product development of safe and compliant food hoses and connection systems is to always be able to offer you the right hoses and connectors. With our product solutions, we want to support you in enabling your customers to consume produced food products safely and without any health concerns.

Simon Zoppke
Global Key Account Manager Food/Pharma