AMPIUS - The Future of Flow Technology

Hoses and connection systems play an important role in the productivity, functionality, quality and safety of machines and systems. So far, complex components such as pumps, drives or valves have been digitized. But the hose of the future is also intelligent. 

We were the first hose manufacturer to market a complete operator system consisting of hose, sensor technology, engineering and data processing. Under the name AMPIUS® we offer hose systems with integrated lifecycle tracking functions as well as a matching app. 

The AMPIUS® app can be used to automatically read out the product signature of the hose system, a basic version of which is equipped with a digital interface as standard. In this way, technical data or "life cycle data" such as production or shipping dates can be queried or requests for information can be made at the touch of a button. 

Digitalisation opens up completely new possibilities in terms of product design and optimisation. In the future, it will also be possible to call up information on wear, abrasion, temperature, flow rate and many other parameters for suitably equipped products.

The digitization possibilities are not limited to specific hose series or specific application areas. In principle, we can realize networkable and smart variants and options for our entire hose program, which are adapted to the special requirements of industry 4.0.   

We can transfer our many years of broad production and material know-how to a broad spectrum of new applications in the Smart Products and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors.

The digital components can be individually adapted. Based on your requirements, we create a design development plan. Depending on the application and the requirements, the sensor data recorded in the hose system are read out using different data transmission techniques and the data is then made available for use. 

Shape the future together with us!

You will find everything at a glance in our AMPIUS® brochure.
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