The new standard TRGS 727 is now in force

The new standard TRGS 727 represents a continuation of and replacement for the former TRBS 2153.

With the introduction of TRGS 727, there have been modifications to the specifications for technical-quality hoses designed for use in potentially hazardous areas. We have been keeping an eye on the developments in this sector for quite some time and are already familiar with the new benchmarks that are to be employed. The new standard now differentiates between 'pneumatic' and 'aspirative' transport. Surface and conductive resistance to static charging remain the criteria that determine whether a hose can be used for aspirative transport in a particular situation. While specific resistance is now the yardstick that determines where pneumatic transport can be employed. ·

This means that you can continue to use the electrically conducting and antistatic hoses manufactured by MASTERFLEX as these meet all requirements!

Our range of electrically-conducting and antistatic hoses with which you are already familiar conform to the stipulations of standard TRGS 727 and, if required, we will be happy to provide certification verifying this to be the case. In technical terms, there have thus been no major changes to the products which you know and trust. Download

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