Autumn hose inserts for more safety

Every year in the fall, the leaves fall from the trees. This means a lot of extra trips for municipal waste disposal companies. The city of Hamburg, for example, expects around 20,000 tons of leaves in public spaces this year. The removal of leaves is not only for visual reasons: Damp leaves quickly form a slippery layer on the floors. They also clog gullies and hinder water drainage.

Municipal large and small sweepers are currently in constant use and provide a remedy. Masterflex hoses are also found in and on the vehicles. The requirements for the hoses used here are primarily flexibility, microbe/hydrolysis resistance and abrasion resistance.

Our PUR hoses are used particularly often. They are flexible and robust and therefore particularly suitable for use in and on sweepers. Especially in comparison to the frequently used rubber hoses, our conveying hoses made of PU are convincing due to their lower wall thickness and thus less weight. In handling, plastic hoses are convincing due to their better compressibility, which plays a role, for example, in lowerable brushes and lifting systems - or in extendable suction hoses.

Large and small sweepers

The best performance in terms of compressibility is offered by our Master-PUR H Streetmaster Pro, which was specially designed for this application. When cleaning leaves or streets, the material stress is very high, because not only leaves, but also waste, shards and stones are sucked in. Usually quite large diameters (200 - 400 mm) are used to minimize the risk of clogging. The flow-optimised inner side, the outer folding as well as the improved tensile and tear strength of our Master-PUR H Streetmaster Pro are further adaptations to ensure optimised conveying in the area of street and drain cleaning.

Our hoses are also in high demand in the field of portable leaf vacuums. Handling is particularly important here, as control is manual.

Overall, polyurethane hoses are characterized by their high abrasion resistance, resistance to microbes and hydrolysis. They have two decisive advantages over rubber: A significantly lower material thickness / lower weight and better flexibility.

Our Master-PUR L MHR, Master-PUR H MHR and Master-PUR Step MHR hoses are alternative solutions to the Master-PUR H Streetmaster Pro depending on the application and the degree of expected material stress. Further advice on this subject can be obtained from our sales representative Mr. J. Randzio (j.randzio[at]

Here, too, our products make an important contribution every day to reducing the risk of accidents on the roads in the fall.

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