The Master-PUR H Streetmaster Pro makes the streets even cleaner

Masterflex presents new suction and transport hose

Masterflex Group, the specialist for connecting and hose systems made of high-performance plastics and fabrics for demanding industrial applications, is once again ensuring that roads, squares and paths remain clean. Under the Masterflex brand, the company is presenting a new microbe- and hydrolysis-resistant suction and transport hose made of polyurethane that has been specially developed for use in waste disposal and cleaning technology: The Master-PUR H Streetmaster Pro.

The new hose from the proven Streetmaster series has a very special design: The innovative external folding ensures significantly improved compressibility and greater flexibility. It has optimized flow properties.

Of course, the Master-PUR H Streetmaster Pro also convinces with the proven product characteristics of the entire Streetmaster hose series from Masterflex. These flexible hoses are characterised by extreme abrasion resistance, axial compressibility, low weight (compared to rubber), optimum flow properties, high tensile and tear strength as well as generally good UV and ozone resistance, microbe and hydrolysis resistance as well as vacuum and pressure resistance.

The Master-PUR H Streetmaster Pro has been perfected for use in municipal and waste disposal vehicles, especially sweepers. It is mainly used where abrasive solids are extracted and microbial resistance is required.

A further advantage: Due to the partial transparency of the hose, the transported material remains visible from the outside at all times.

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