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Our strongest workers – Master-PUR Inline and Master-PUR Performance

...now stronger even longer!

 Industrial applications, such as the transport of highly abrasive bulk solids, place great demands on hoses with regards to their durability reliability.

 Even in the most extreme applications our strongest workers are the one real solution, which no-one else can offer. Their perfectly smooth inner lining not only provides an absolutely optimum transport performance and material flow-through, but also cuts your energy consumption in all applications.

Thanks to its extreme flexibility, the Master-PUR Performance makes a real difference especially in very limited installation spaces.

With its especially reinforced inner lining, the Master-PUR Inline is the absolute specialist when it comes to the loading and cleaning of steelworks, quarries, foundries, silos and much, much more.

- Transport hose for problematic media, e.g. sand, gravel, grain, granules

- Transport hose for handling and conveying plants

- Everywhere where easy-to-clean surfaces are required

- Suction and transport hose for extremely abrasive solid media

- Transport hose for feeding and cleaning of glassworks, mineral processing plants, steelwork, quarries, shipyards and docks, cement works, flat roof graveling

- Other conveyer and loading plants

Your benefits

Master-PUR Performance: Master-PUR Inline:
- PU suction hose & transport hose - PU suction hose & transport hose
- heavy and extremely flexible - extreme heavy and flexible
- extremely abrasion-resistant & vacuum-proof - extremely abrasion resistant
- Seamless and smooth inner lining - vacuum proof
- antistatic - seamless and very smooth inner lining
- microbe-resistant - antistatic
- microbe-resistant

Integrating hoses into our system

Our two strongest workers don't work alone either! We offer a huge range of standard connectors - from cast-on flanges for air-tight connections or quick-screw clamp collars for quick & easy changeovers - we have the right connection for each and every solution.

Even for the most unique and demanding installation situations and applications, Masterflex provides the perfect-fit solution. Where standard components and their applications stop, we develop and produce customized, specialized solutions with tailored-to-fit products. Especially when it comes to extreme demands through highly abrasive media, the connection points have to take everything that's thrown at them.

Our universal connectors guarantee not only easy handling, but also cost optimisations in all of your applications.

Our connections are proven winners through their absolute versatility, availability, extremely high quality standards and the performance of our Masterflex systems. All that, so we can provide you with the best solutions possible.


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