Permanently antistatic Master-PUR FOOD hoses

The foodstuff, pharmaceutical and chemical industries need to meet particularly stringent requirements with regard to production and thus not all hose products are suitable for transporting foodstuffs.

With effect from last year, we were the first company on the market to be able to guarantee that our articles conformed to the new stipulations for foodstuff-compatibility specified in Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011. Our hoses can thus be used to transport coffee, sugar or even milk powder from A to B. The other hoses of the Master-PUR FOOD series have met the requirements of the Regulation since 2012.

The hoses in the Master-PUR FOOD A range are made of pure, food-grade polyether polyurethane. They are characterised by the fact that they are permanently antistatic and provide the level of electrical discharge required by TRGS 727.

We use stainless steel spirals in all our Masterflex FOOD hoses. This ensures that even if the internal surfaces under the wire spirals become worn, the transport hoses remain foodstuff-compatible.

"Thanks to the optimised profile of our FOOD hoses, very little residue of the transported material is retained, making our hoses much easier to clean and also meaning that they can even be used for bidirectional transport." explains Christian Horstkötter, Sales Director Spiral Tubing.

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