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What does a hose have to do with baking?

At first glance - it doesn't. But without our Master-PUR FOOD or templine® hoses, no ingredient would find its way into a bakery and there would be no pastry whatsoever. Why's that? It's simple: wherever baking ingredients need to be transported or mixed together in the right ratio or order, a MASTERFLEX hose does the job. Our FOOD spiral hoses, for example, are perfect for flour, powdered milk or sugar, whereas our templine® hoses transport cocoa, oils or even liquid chocolate.

What makes our FOOD hoses so special?

The Master-PUR FOOD-A hoses are manufactured from pure and completely food-safe polyether-polyurethane. They are all permanently antistatic and not electro-conductive, meaning they adhere to the stringent TRGS 727 regulation.

All of our MASTERFLEX FOOD hoses contain a stainless-steel wire spiral. This guarantees the hose's suitability for use with foodstuffs and the wall material is even highly resistant to abrasion, meaning not just certified safety, but also greater efficiency and durability.

"Thanks to our optimized hose profile, there are almost no material residues when using our FOOD hoses - they are much easier to clean and can even be installed bi-directionally.", says Christian Horstkoetter, Sales Director Europe for Industrial Hoses at Masterflex Group.

If you have any questions regarding our FOOD hoses, please contact our team directly at sales.masterflex(at)MasterflexGroup.com or call +49 209 97077-35.

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