templine® Engineering – Electrically Heated Hoses: The System Solution!

Wherever media needs to be kept fluid at certain temperatures, and a flexible connection between the input and output is required, the templine® hoses offer the ideal solution.

Hose Construction Design - templine® Heated Hoses

Hose with electrical heating for constant and consistent heat distribution over the entire hose surface.


Inner media hose made from polyamide or PTFE. Braided temperature-resistant material covering the entire hose surface. Four integrated (braided and set) heating cables made from different alloys with varying conductor resistances.


  • consistent heat supply to the transport media with minimal temperature deviation
  • optimum protection of temperature-sensitive liquids, dusts, gases and granules
  • greater energy efficiency – significantly reduced power consumption in comparison to conventional systems (up to 30 %)
  • highly flexible and permanently twistable in all directions (360°) without any reduction in heat distribution

Areas of Application

The number of application areas within the field of process technology is immense. Here are a few example applications for electrically heated hose systems:

  • chemical and petrochemical units

    • liquidisation of fats and oils
    • transport of chemicals in mobile/portable units and components
    • in bottling plants and filling systems for bulk solids (decondensation) and liquids

  • automotive industry

    • analysis systems for exhaust monitoring

  • machine building

    • heating of hydraulic oils
    • book-binding machines

  • adhesives/bonding technology

    • labelling machines
    • machines for laminating wood and plastics

  • automation

    • production plant robots in automotive industry (painting and bonding of chassis parts, etc.)

  • food & beverage industry

    • transport of fats, liquid sugar, cocoa butter, chocolate, caramel, etc.

  • specialist applications

    • vehicle equipping

  • exhaust cleansing

and many more.

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